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Rats and Ravens

In Defense of Mother Earth

Behold the majestic beauty of Mother Earth! Come along on a journey to discover her most intimate feelings. Listen to her message, as she speaks through all that she reveals. Is she not worthy of our protection? After all, “planets are born and die, just like people.” in defense of mother earth is the first issue of Rats and Ravens. It is my first photo art zine and contains thirty-six color pages of photography and poetry from over the past twelve years.


Norfolk, Virginia is one of my favorite cities in which to shoot film. Some of the buildings captured here no longer exist and some have since been renovated. Everything is of a transient nature and we fool ourselves into believing that today's surroundings will be the same as yesterday's.

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Logan's Run

This science fiction movie came out in 1976, in a time before computer generated imagery. The movie takes place in the year 2274. In this time, people live under domes in a synthetic environment. Basic needs are met as the population level is kept in check. This stasis is maintained by a computer. I read the Marvel Comic adaptation of this movie as a kid and it captured my imagination.

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Countdown Through the Lens

This project involved creating an animated countdown. I chose to include some photographs from my Black Hole Sun project, into the countdown. The photographs are solarized images, in the tradition of Man Ray's work.

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I chose to animate an excerpt of Allen Ginsberg's poem Howl. The Excerpt is from Ginsberg's reading of Howl at the Big Table Chicago Reading in 1959. I read this poem in college, years ago and it still sticks with me today. At first I had planned on animating the most recognizable lines of the beginning, which starts out with, "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked..."

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Slowing the World down Through a Pinhole

I originally started out in film photography. Like most people, I was ecstatic when I got my first digital camera and I quickly left film photography behind. I was seduced by the brilliance and relative ease by which I could create digital images.

As of late, I have become disillusioned with digital photography. I feel that it places an over emphasis on technology, much to the determent of craftsmanship and freedom of expression. I reached a plateau in my photography that I could no move beyond without continuing to make substantial investments in hardware and software.

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War Pigs

War pigs is a song that appears on Black Sabbath's 1970 album, Paranoid. I chose this protest song for a music video project. This song speaks to the total disregard for human life that is at the root of institutionalized warfare. Combatants are refereed to as "pawns in chess." As much as I like Sabbath's original version, I decided to us the band Cake's cover for it's faster tempo. When will we free ourselves from the machine?

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Building a New Reality

to go on, strange and untethered
a solitary entity of movement
talking into a cavernous museum
rooms full of dinosaur bones

when color is unfamiliar
and my voice is not my own
is this what it’s like to pretend?
to pretend to be in the world

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Odious Devices

the artery and the technology
then violation of the lamb
throat rendered blade blood
immaculate fuck, dry mouth
the body cavity, split tongue
infiltration vomit of words
of devices, ancient in belief
launch crossbow hands

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Enter the Soft World

Forms, both man-made and natural have a way of drawing me in to examine place. There is idyllic beauty that is easily identified in nature. But with circumspection, beauty can also be found in the neglected structures of man. There exists a beautiful melancholy in man-made forms that have outlived their function. Form no longer follows function.

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Black Hole Sun

I’ve always been fascinated by the way photographs hold motionless the fleeting moment. To capture an ephemeral moment that hangs ever so briefly in space, is to capture a ghost. This ephemeral moment is stillness. It is difficult to discern without photography, because it gets lost in the ever flowing stream of consciousness. Captured stillness is silence of the uncluttered mind.

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Building a Wave

Like most visitors to the coast, I collect seashells. I take them to remind me of time spent at the water's edge. But I often find myself wanting more. I want a reminder of the interplay that existed between me and a wave. How do I show the single-mindedness that I experience within the surf zone? With this same single-mindedness, I began to join smooth pieces of seashell together. New structures evolved. These arraignments make manifest the Zen Mind present in a dynamic environment. We are a fleeting existence.

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