Enter the Soft World

Forms, both man-made and natural have a way of drawing me in to examine place. There is idyllic beauty that is easily identified in nature. But with circumspection, beauty can also be found in the neglected structures of man. There exists a beautiful melancholy in man-made forms that have outlived their function. Form no longer follows function.

Weathering and decay are elevated on par with the pristine. Through a pinhole I capture this range of beauty and create space to contemplate one’s existence. My primary engine is a propensity to wander, a pinhole camera and Tri-X film.

Chesapeake, VA 08/17/16

crow hop through the pinhole—time slows down

sanguine blossoms
  crepe myrtle rain falls inside the breast

suspended animation within a wormhole

a spherical world, ephemeral
             with encroaching edges of opaque mystery
                              —creamy black velvet

             skin becomes sky

a splattered arch of liquid sunshine,
                                          flung across the northeast

             the center is blown-out

a cricket enters god’s eye

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