Logan's Run

This science fiction movie came out in 1976, in a time before computer generated imagery. The movie takes place in the year 2274. In this time, people live under domes in a synthetic environment. Basic needs are met as the population level is kept in check. This stasis is maintained by a computer. I read the Marvel Comic adaptation of this movie as a kid and it captured my imagination.

The life-clock gems in the movie are embedded into the palms of people at their inception. A persons life-clock begins as clear (white) and progress through yellow, green, then red. When an individual approaches thirty years of age, their life-clock begins blinking red and black. At this time you must enter Carousel and attempt to achieve Renewal. Some however, chose to run. If you run, you are hunted by a sandman whose job it is to terminate runners. The Ankh represents sanctuary and is known by an underground group, seeking life beyond the domes and ultimately beyond thirty years of age. The underground group believes that Carousel is a hoax.

I chose to use this movie for a motion graphics project because the movie contains a lot of symbolism. I created the wave pattern used in the background for its retro, Windows 95 feel. Later, I realized that this type of generated wave pattern is almost twenty years older then the movie itself. It simultaneously gives the move trailer a more updated yet retro feel.

This movie cannot be directly compared to modern day sci-fi movies. Logan's Run is a bit awkward and clunky. It makes me think of an early Star Trek set but with more colorful costumes and a larger, more expansive set design. The women's costumes are scant and there is a brief nude scene. Why this scene is in there, I do not know; except to say it was the '70s. Today, Logan's Run enjoys a cult following.

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