Slowing the World down Through a Pinhole

I originally started out in film photography. Like most people, I was ecstatic when I got my first digital camera and I quickly left film photography behind. I was seduced by the brilliance and relative ease by which I could create digital images.

As of late, I have become disillusioned with digital photography. I feel that it places an over emphasis on technology, much to the determent of craftsmanship and freedom of expression. I reached a plateau in my photography that I could no move beyond without continuing to make substantial investments in hardware and software.

I however, do not refer to myself as a Luddite; for I have not all together abandoned technology. I still incorporate the computer in my workflow. I utilize the computer to digitize negatives as well as make prints. Technology remains useful but according to my own terms.

The primitive starkness of pinhole photography appeals to me. Without a lens, the photographic process is reduced to its fundamental elements. This frees me to concentrate on personal expression. With it, I am able to explore and experiment as if painting with light. With my box for seeing time, I am able capture mood that elicits a melancholy, dream like response.

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