rats and ravens store

enter my soft world

crow hop through the pinhole — time slows down
sanguine blossoms
     crepe myrtle rain falls inside the breast
suspended animation within a wormhole
a spherical world, ephemeral
             with encroaching edges of opaque mystery
                          ; creamy black velvet
             skin becomes sky
a splattered arch of liquid sunshine,
                                       flung across the milky way,
             the center is blown-out
a cricket enters god’s eye

a burning in the sky

the question comes to you, in
glass shards, riding a shock wave
entering your body, as you race
toward penetration; toward light
brighter than the sun, bathed
in yellow neon of fantastic glow
your ears shatter — deaf with chaos
the mystification of pure tone
as the flaming rock plunges down
into earth turned upside down
driving to enter the graves, of
not so long deceased ancestors
denying possession of the answer

inside eculids cube element
inside eculids sphere element
inside eculids pyramid element
dusk walks in

sororal moon and willow child

silent rivulet; splits prophetic
the zygote's inner hourglass
forever dreaming to believe
circle streams meander oxbows

dawn’s lover and betrayer
the sanguine wave of indecision
sees into the parabolic mirror
the duality of gemini twins

as much for again, today
sororal moon, with splendor
and salt of tearful hands
emanates the soft touch

bending willow child, joyful
(nature’s lunar doppelgänger)
smooth in lowered silk voice
birthed between the thickness of sod walls

her angelic countenance
leaves behind the alloy reflections
folding beautiful in secret lakes
under heresy’s wine dark sky

in sigh — in sigh

falling in a dream

déjà vu
if only
; sisyphus
could be
to dust

— human
lust, on
the cusp
is too,

the Count of Kapital
(living under empire)

insatiable thirst for resources
empire vampires bleed the world

blood minerals sucked, from
the punctured dreams of freedom

centuries-old men, break
the bodies of youth, for economy

metal trinkets and ribbons
in hand, for sanity and limbs

the skeleton guns of industry
export death and destruction
to the shores of misunderstanding

civilians wear the garlic necklaces
and soldiers sleep in caskets, lined
with the soil of motherland

to awaken thirsty, in darkness
superhuman strength set, on
batwings of night vision goggles

extracting life from the homes
who feed the undead, until
the pounding of a wooden stake